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Wall decoration wood veneer construction technology
Announcer:Sanlin Wood Industry  Date:2019/9/12 11:31:17  Views:381

First, the construction process:

1. Process flow: find the line positioning → check the embedded parts and holes → paint the moisture-proof, anti-corrosion paint → keel preparation and installation → install the finished wood veneer

2, find and mark: before the installation of wooden decorative wall and wooden cheeseboard, according to the design requirements, first find the elevation, plane position, vertical size, and elastic line.

3. Nuclear embedded parts and openings: Check whether the embedded parts and wooden bricks meet the design and installation requirements after the elastic line, mainly check whether the arrangement spacing, size and position meet the requirements of the nailed keel; measure the position of doors and windows and other openings Whether the size is square or not, and whether it meets the design requirements.

Painted moisture-proof and anti-corrosive paint: design wooden decorative wall with moisture-proof and anti-corrosion requirements, wooden cheeseboard, and apply moisture-proof and anti-corrosion before nailing the keel.

4, brush moisture-proof, anti-corrosion coating: design of wooden decorative wall, wood cheese board with moisture-proof, anti-corrosion requirements, before the nailing keel to paint moisture-proof, anti-corrosion construction.

5, keel preparation and installation:

1) Wood decorative wall keel: must be applied after applying fireproof coating.

2) Partial wooden decorative wall keel: According to the size and height of the room, the dragon skeleton can be prefabricated and installed in whole or in blocks.

3) Full height wooden decorative wall keel: First, measure the size of the room. According to the position of the four corners of the room and the position of the upper and lower keels, find the four-frame keel, nail it flat and straight, and then nail the horizontal keel according to the design keel spacing requirement. Wooden decorative wall keel spacing: the general horizontal keel spacing is 400mm, and the vertical keel spacing is 500mm. If the thickness of the panel is above 15mm, the distance between the horizontal keels can be expanded to 450mm. The installation of the wooden keel must be found and straightened. The gap between the skeleton and the wooden brick should be padded with wooden mats. Each wooden mat should be nailed with at least two nails. The thickness of the printed surface should be reserved when the keel is loaded.