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Classification and characteristics of wooden doors
Announcer:Sanlin Wood Industry  Date:2019/9/11 14:28:26  Views:479

Classification and characteristics of wooden doors:

1. Classification according to the opening method; wooden doors are divided into four types: swing door, sliding door, folding door, and spring door according to the opening method. The codes of the four open modes are indicated separately. The lifting and fixing portion is a swing door or a sliding door when combined with a swing door or a sliding door.

2, according to the structure classification; according to the different structure of the wooden door, the wooden door can be divided into all solid wood smashing door, solid wood composite door, splint molded hollow door. All solid wood smashing door (original wooden door), all solid wood smashing door is a decorative door made of solid wood processing, from the wood processing technology to see two kinds of logs and finger-jointed wood. The original solid wood wooden door is made of natural logs from the forest, and then processed by cutting, planing, opening, drilling, engraving, shaping and other processes. The finger-joined wood solid wood door refers to the wood that has been sawed and finger-joined by the logs. The wooden door made by the same process of the solid wood door of the log has a performance that is much more determined than the solid wood door of the log and is not easily deformed. The wood used for all solid wood doors is mostly precious wood, such as cherry wood, walnut, teak and so on. The finished solid wood door has the characteristics of no deformation, milk corrosion, no crack and thermal insulation. At the same time, the solid wood door has good sound absorption and two effective functions for sound insulation. The quality of all solid wood doors is very high, but its advantages are luxurious and beautiful. The combination of modern precision craftsmanship and traditional hand-carving techniques gives the solid wood door a natural and long-lasting humanistic artistic charm, reflecting the noble and classic artistic value. With a famous style and a majestic atmosphere, it is the identity of successful people. However, the market price is high, which is the most high-grade wooden door product in the terminology market.

Solid wood composite door

The door frame of the solid wood composite door is made of fir or pine, and the middle is filled with wooden honeycomb net structure. The surface layer substrate is made of medium density fiberboard or perforated particle board. The surface is covered with various precious wood veneers, which are made by high temperature hot pressing and solid wood. Line sealing. Generally high-grade solid wood composite doors, the door core is mostly high-quality white pine, the surface is solid wood veneer. Since the white pine is small in density, light in weight, and easy to control the water content, the quality of the finished door is light, and it is not easy to be deformed or cracked. The solid wood composite door is stable, non-deformable, non-cracking, and has the characteristics of heat preservation, impact resistance and flame retardancy, and the sound insulation effect is good, which is basically the same as the solid wood door.

The solid wood composite door solves the cracking and deformation caused by the seasonal changes of the door core board, the annual average water content of different areas, the inherent shrinkage and wetness of the wood and various differences, and even the shrinkage of the door core board around the paint. White edge phenomenon. The solid wood composite door is as natural and elegant as the solid wood door, but the materials and styles are more diverse, or the exquisite European style carving, or the Chinese classical color mosaic, or the modern fashion, different decorative style doors can give consumers a wider range. Pick space.